Chiropody and Podiatry

Chiropody and Podiatry


Chiropodists deal with the external workings of the feet they can remove corns, hard skin, fungal infections affecting both skin and nails as well as ingrown or infected toenails. Painful feet can be caused by poorly fitting shoes, inherited conditions, long term illness or the effect of age and arthritis.

But painful and uncomfortable feet aren't a natural part of life or growing old or something to "put-up with". A lot can be done short and long term to put the spring back into your feet and greatly improve your quality of life.


Podiatry assesses and corrects problems arising from the function of the feet. Incorrect (alignment of the bones of the foot) movement or function of the foot can not only lead to foot and ankle pain but is often the cause of non specific knee back and hip pain.

A podiatrist is an expert at examining the foot and its function. They will look for signs of excess wear and pressure in the foot as well as the movement of the foot standing and walking/running.

With this knowledge they will be able to prescribe suitable exercises and if necessary Orthotics (insoles) and advise on correct footwear.

Podiatry and chiropody compliment each other. Long term problems of hard skin and corns are often a sign of an under lying functional problem with the foot. A podiatry assessment and often an orthotic will often stop the underlying cause and prevent reoccurrence.

Regular visits to a HPC Registered Chiropodist/Podiatrist can dramatically improve mobility and maintain fit, active and pain free feet and lower limbs.