Initial Counselling or Psychotherapy appointment

I generally suggest meeting for a first 50 minute consultation appointment with of course no need to proceed if you decide not to, or the option of returning for further 50 minute sessions.

The first session offers us both an opportunity to meet each other and assess how we might work together. You are not committing yourself to continuing with any further with counselling by attending an initial session. I will explain a little about counselling, and answer any questions you may have, as well as introducing you to the working agreement we will enter into if you decide to continue.

You can talk about whatever you wish to, many people find it helpful to describe what has brought them to counselling, and what they hope to gain from the experience.  You and I will then be able to decide if my Counselling and Psychotherapy practice is right for you


Subsequent Counselling or Psychotherapy appointments

Following the initial counselling consultation, if you feel this is something that would like to continue then we can arrange further sessions.

I generally start with an initial three session period of which we will evaluate the situation and decide whether we want to work together longer.

We can either set a specific period such as six weeks, three months, six months or one year, or we can leave the therapeutic contract open ended. During the period of the therapeutic relationship it is important that we review the process regularly.


Fortnightly or monthly counselling appointments

Due to work and family commitments appointments can sometimes be difficult to fit in so I also offer fortnightly and monthly sessions.

Research indicates that single session counselling is highly effective and sufficient for some people. As a result, I also do one off, single session counselling appointments.

You can contact me on 07950 751352

Email me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Consultation Fees

All sessions are 50 minutes long

£45 before 5pm

£55 after 5pm



I am currently working from the Queen Charlotte Street Clinic, Bristol

We have a Waiting Room if you arrive prior to your appointment time.