The Process

During the consultation we talk about your symptoms, how you experience these, how these affect you, what makes it better or worse and what may have triggered it. Once I understand what is your unique picture I select a remedy that mimics that of your picture. This is where the principle of ‘likes cures like’ comes from.For example if you get stung by a stinging nettle you will develop itchy, red rash on your skin. A remedy made from a stinging nettle (Urtica urens) has proven to be effective in treatment of conditions such as nettle rash (Urticaria).

After you have had your remedy we meet again in approximately 4 weeks when we note how you have responded to the remedy. We then either repeat the remedy, change the potency or change the remedy to one that will be more representative of your new picture to further your healing responses. How long this process takes depends on the individual, the nature and duration of the complaint.